It depends on the pants of... DOOM! (wildchild955) wrote in must_be_loners,
It depends on the pants of... DOOM!

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Wow...I joined this community when I was 14...and now i'm cool is that...hah...yeah right.

        But anyways, Aya here...

     ....and i'm bored as hell.....

   I don't know what to actually say, but i'm a loner. I hate people and mere existence...I rarely talk and let humans talk for me. Therefore, I don't really much care for anything except anime, ddr, cosplay, darkness, knives, blood and etc. etc. etc.


Then here's me cosplaying. As Kagome Higurashi from Inu Yasha and Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation.:


   Here's Me Dressed Normally.:


   and Here's my Coca Cola Can.:




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